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The ISC Airline Group previewed its innovative proposition to provide bespoke modularised aircraft interiors for corporate and executive jets at the Hamburg Interiors 31st March to 2nd April earlier this year to make access to private jets more affordable. The concept is that governments, corporations and individuals own a series of modules that can be rapidly installed into the fuselages of specially commissioned air-freighters.

Initially, the UK-based company’s New Paradigm Business Model proposes changing the interior of an Airbus A320 P2F and BAe 146 to executive format as a less expensive option than buying or leasing an executive jet outright.

Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg-2008



The concept is targeted at VIP clients – including entertainers and heads of state – positioned as a suite in a four-star hotel equivalent service – ie., ‘comfortable rather than opulent’.  As an alternative to fleet options, prospective clients may opt for a bespoke design service to have a set of modules customised to their own specific taste and requirements.  As a consequence, a 90% cost saving is possible compared to conventional options for ownership.

ISC Airline supply chain partners are invited to share its Catia V5 solid model of the A320 to promote their own fitout and completion of modules as third-party resellers.

The New Paradigm concept can be extended to most aircraft types with a uniform cross-section (as opposed to a tapered fuselage) and we have received enquiries from a Head of State who is currently operating an A340 Palace in the Sky and seeking a second aircraft, but at considerably reduced cost.

Note: P2F – Passenger to Freight

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